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The Black Friday Coin Show got it's start on Black Friday 2012!  It was a desire of ours to bring a top notch coin show to Oklahoma.  It was many years in the making and has proved to be a success! 

The dealer number and the public attendance has grown every year and we are sure this year will be no exception.  With 50 tables of dealers there is sure to be something available for ever coin collection. 

The location is one of the many awesome features of this Black Friday Coin show.  It is located in the beautiful Glenpool Conference Center (12205 S. Yukon Ave Glenpool, OK) which features ample parking as well as a new spacious meeting room where the show is held.

Another one of the many other benefits of this show  is in the dealers and their unique inventories.  Dealers that will offer free appraisals of coin collections, as well as buying, selling and trading in gold, silver, currency, bullion, graded slab coins, ancients, world coins, modern coins, proof & mint sets, and much much more.

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Established 2012

Where it all started...

Black Friday Coin Show

Hosted by:
     Robert Ranford at Fidelity Coins

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Telephone:  (918) 521-1679   Email:  Robert@Blackfridaycoinshow.com